CEO Greetings

Over the years, KW has developed an unparalleled array of services that are customized and dedicated to each customer. As a mid-sized logistics company, our strengths really show in tailored services and personal attention that many large-scale wholesale logistics providers lack.

We believe KW is in the best position to provide tailored services. We have a simple and quick decision-making process, yet sufficient resources to effect changes quickly. We are ready to customize our services and restructure our operations around yours.

We take seriously learning the specific goals and needs of our customers in order to build a successful operation model. We do not simply want to sell service products we already have. With each of our customers, we are determined to build a team of experts to develop detailed plans for system integration and implementation, operation review metrics, nationwide service network, employee training, and other service aspects. Our service capability is a continuing process.

We see our future in our customer's future. Our success in our customer's success.

CEO Signiture